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March 26 – Go Red Luncheon – League City

Cardiovascular Disease is the number one killer of women. “The Go Red For Women is a national call for women to band together, take charge of their health, and live stronger and healthier lives”; words spoken by Mary Columbo, the chair of the Go Red For Women. We are very fortunate to have a very creative group of women who have put together the Go Red For Women Luncheon,  a wonderful event that was once again very educational, fun filled and heartfelt.

The room was a sea of red and it looked gorgeous. The morning started off with Rachel McNeil, of KPRC, as the emcee and included Dr. Nadir Ali an interventional cardiologist. Loretta Castaneda, a survivor of cardiovascular disease retold her own experience, with this disease, and how she survived. And to toss in some fun, the event included a wonderful wine tasting, a delicious heart healthy lunch, more wine tasting, an absolutely gorgeous purse-onality auction all happening while key-note speaker Jan Hargrave taught us how to read body language and of course more wonderful wine tasting. 

Speaking of the wine tasting, several bay area gentlemen were selected to represent the different wines.  Each strutted, pranced, danced and teased the audience with his bottle of wine while making his way down the catwalk.  The end brought near pandemonium as a mass of women made their way to the stage area to ‘vote’ for their favorite ‘bottle of wine’.  It was hysterical. 

The Go Red For Women is a wonderfully fun filled and passionate event that brings education and support to women.  Put this one on your calendar for next year and you too will learn what it means when a man starts pulling up his socks in front of you!

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