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April 9 thru 17 – Galveston County Fair and Rodeo – Santa Fe

The first weekend of the 72nd Galveston County Fair and Rodeo started off with hundreds of people pouring into the fairgrounds along highway 6, in Santa Fe. The weekend was filled with groups of friends teamed together for the annual Seafood Cook-off. Friday’s contests were for the best Boiled and Grill Shrimp and Saturday the menu was fish, seafood rice and gumbo. We got to taste a few samples and boy those judges had to have had a tough time deciding…YUMMY!

And while our friends from Z Krewe and Krewe Babalu were busy cooking and partying, cowboys gathered in the arena to test their skills against some pretty feisty bulls. And of course, we wouldn’t miss the Mutton Bustin’ for anything. Carnival rides, games, filled the midway and the talents of many young folks were on display in the Student Art Show. 

Listen in as some of the fair goers tell Talk of the Bay about this weekend’s fair.

The Galveston County Fair & Rodeo runs every day through April 17, so gather up your family, slap on pair of jeans and head on down to Santa Fe for some great Texas style fun. You know will be out there.

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