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May 1 – Marsh Mania – Nassau Bay

On Saturday morning, approximately 50 volunteers gathered at Nassau Bay Park. These volunteers were there to make a difference; by planting marsh grasses along the edges of the Nassau Bay peninsula. 

Twice a year, Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) hosts Marsh Mania, at multiple locations around the bay.  The primary purpose, of the event,  is to restore those transitional areas between land and water. Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with Courtney Miller, of GBF, to explain a little bit more about this event. 

The next Marsh Mania event is scheduled for June 5. So mark your calendars and plan on bringing out the whole family; they’ll love it.  It’s a great opportunity to ‘give back’ to our bay area community and have fun at the same time. check out the pics...

IMG_0756 IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4239
IMG_0756.jpg IMG_4237.jpg IMG_4238.jpg IMG_4239.jpg
IMG_4242 IMG_4243 IMG_4245 IMG_4246
IMG_4242.jpg IMG_4243.jpg IMG_4245.jpg IMG_4246.jpg
IMG_4247 IMG_4248 IMG_4249 IMG_4250
IMG_4247.jpg IMG_4248.jpg IMG_4249.jpg IMG_4250.jpg
IMG_4251 IMG_4252 IMG_4253 IMG_4254
IMG_4251.jpg IMG_4252.jpg IMG_4253.jpg IMG_4254.jpg
IMG_4255 IMG_4256 IMG_4257 IMG_4258
IMG_4255.jpg IMG_4256.jpg IMG_4257.jpg IMG_4258.jpg
IMG_4259 IMG_4260 IMG_4261 IMG_4262
IMG_4259.jpg IMG_4260.jpg IMG_4261.jpg IMG_4262.jpg
IMG_4264 IMG_4266 IMG_4267 IMG_4268
IMG_4264.jpg IMG_4266.jpg IMG_4267.jpg IMG_4268.jpg
IMG_4269 IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4272
IMG_4269.jpg IMG_4270.jpg IMG_4271.jpg IMG_4272.jpg
IMG_4273 IMG_4274 IMG_4275 IMG_4276
IMG_4273.jpg IMG_4274.jpg IMG_4275.jpg IMG_4276.jpg
IMG_4277 IMG_4278 IMG_4279 IMG_4280
IMG_4277.jpg IMG_4278.jpg IMG_4279.jpg IMG_4280.jpg
IMG_4281 IMG_4282 IMG_4283 IMG_4284
IMG_4281.jpg IMG_4282.jpg IMG_4283.jpg IMG_4284.jpg
IMG_4285 IMG_4286 IMG_4287 IMG_4289
IMG_4285.jpg IMG_4286.jpg IMG_4287.jpg IMG_4289.jpg
IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4293 IMG_4294
IMG_4291.jpg IMG_4292.jpg IMG_4293.jpg IMG_4294.jpg
IMG_4295 IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4298
IMG_4295.jpg IMG_4296.jpg IMG_4297.jpg IMG_4298.jpg
IMG_4299 IMG_4301 IMG_4302 IMG_4303
IMG_4299.jpg IMG_4301.jpg IMG_4302.jpg IMG_4303.jpg
IMG_4304 IMG_4306 IMG_4307 IMG_4308
IMG_4304.jpg IMG_4306.jpg IMG_4307.jpg IMG_4308.jpg
IMG_4309 IMG_4310 IMG_4311 IMG_4312
IMG_4309.jpg IMG_4310.jpg IMG_4311.jpg IMG_4312.jpg
IMG_4313 IMG_4314 IMG_4316 IMG_4317
IMG_4313.jpg IMG_4314.jpg IMG_4316.jpg IMG_4317.jpg
IMG_4318 IMG_4319 IMG_4320 IMG_4322
IMG_4318.jpg IMG_4319.jpg IMG_4320.jpg IMG_4322.jpg
IMG_4323 IMG_4324 IMG_4326 IMG_4327
IMG_4323.jpg IMG_4324.jpg IMG_4326.jpg IMG_4327.jpg
IMG_4328 IMG_4330 IMG_4331 IMG_4332
IMG_4328.jpg IMG_4330.jpg IMG_4331.jpg IMG_4332.jpg
IMG_4333 IMG_4334 IMG_4337 IMG_4338
IMG_4333.jpg IMG_4334.jpg IMG_4337.jpg IMG_4338.jpg
IMG_4340 IMG_4341 IMG_4348 IMG_4351
IMG_4340.jpg IMG_4341.jpg IMG_4348.jpg IMG_4351.jpg
IMG_4353 IMG_4354 IMG_4355 IMG_4357
IMG_4353.jpg IMG_4354.jpg IMG_4355.jpg IMG_4357.jpg
IMG_4359 IMG_4360 IMG_4365 IMG_4367
IMG_4359.jpg IMG_4360.jpg IMG_4365.jpg IMG_4367.jpg
IMG_4368 IMG_4369 IMG_4370 IMG_4372
IMG_4368.jpg IMG_4369.jpg IMG_4370.jpg IMG_4372.jpg
IMG_4373 IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4376
IMG_4373.jpg IMG_4374.jpg IMG_4375.jpg IMG_4376.jpg
IMG_4377 IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4382
IMG_4377.jpg IMG_4380.jpg IMG_4381.jpg IMG_4382.jpg
IMG_4383 IMG_4384 IMG_4385 IMG_4388
IMG_4383.jpg IMG_4384.jpg IMG_4385.jpg IMG_4388.jpg
IMG_4389 IMG_4393    
IMG_4389.jpg IMG_4393.jpg