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June 24 – Salute To Heroes 2010 – League City

The Crystal Ballroom at South Shore Harbour Resort was elegantly decorated, wall to wall. Tributes to our military personnel could be seen everywhere. The beautiful military themed paintings, by Deborah Hutchinson, were lit up around the entire ballroom and on each individual table. Respect, honor and patriotism came to life.   

One of several highlights of this event is the Missing Man ceremony; an honor to those soldiers that did not return home. 

Midway through the evening, the Hutchinson’s shared a montage of photos and video footage. The name Ray Joseph Hutchinson was brought back to life; a child, a young man and then a warrior all rolled up into a single soul.  We saw a mother’s love still very much alive. 

Salute to Heroes started 6 years ago with the intent to recognize and honor the men and women of the armed forces. Shortly after, South Shore Harbour joined together with Ann Hacker of Black Rose Steel and Michael and Deborah Hutchinson of the Ray Joseph Hutchinson Foundation to bring yet another purpose to the foundation; to raise scholarship funds for CCISD students. 

Unique in its own way, this scholarship program is aimed at students who, like Ray Joseph, strive to make a real difference in their community and in the world around us.  Listen in as Talk of the Bay spends time with Deborah, Michael and scholarship recipients. check out the photos...

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IMG_0095.jpg IMG_0097.jpg IMG_0098.jpg IMG_0099.jpg
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IMG_0297 IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0301
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IMG_0329 IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0332
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