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September 5 – Redfish Raftup 2010 – Galveston Bay

More than 300 boats gathered around Redfish Island for the annual Redfish Raftup concert, hosted by Galveston Bay Foundation, Star Fleet, Kelly McGuire and The concert got an early start with the great sounds of Southbound. Playing from their deck of their boat, Steve Johnson and Jimmy Johns, entertained the early crowd of boaters. Around 11:30, the Star Spirit anchored and Andy and the Dreamsicles took over the music venue. About an hour later the largest boat of Star Fleet family, the Star Gazer, pulled up and anchored. Filled to capacity, the Star Gazer was rocking to the music of featured entertainer Kelly McGuire and his band. The party continued on into the evening hours, with the bands alternating, making for an amazing concert on the water. 

Boats and boaters were everywhere! From the top of the Star Gazer we could see hundreds of floating objects; everything from people floating on noodles, to yachts and sailboats. We even had a shrimp boat out there with their crew having a darn good time. Listen in as Talk of the Bay captured some of the fun out there on the water.  

Many thanks to everyone that made this event such a huge success and we are very happy to say that it all benefits one of our favorite organizations the Galveston Bay Foundation. Special thanks to Dionicio of San Lorenzos Restaurant and Cantina and Mike of Muff-It Muffler for providing all the goodies on the Star Spirit.

Redfish Raftup gallery 1 ~ Redfish Raftup gallery 2 ~ Redfish Raftup gallery 3 ~ Redfish Raftup gallery 4

Drum roll please…..CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners!

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