Babalu All Krewe Parade and Balcony Party


photos by Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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February 20 – Babalu All Krewe Parade and Balcony Party – Galveston

The folks in this krewe are some of the most fun loving people and boy do they know how to throw a party, on a float, in a warehouse or out on a balcony, they have it down.

And Krewe Babalu probably participates in the most parades. They join the Krewe of Aquarius and the Krewe of Gambrinus for the opening weekend parades. During the second weekend they participate in the Z Krewe processional and of course the Knights of Momus parade on Saturday night. They also host the All Krewe Parade and a huge Balcony Party during the second weekend; which we participated in. Like I said this krewe loves to Parade and Party.

Listen in, to Talk of the Bay, on some of the fun to be had during for the All Krewe parade.

A sincere thank you, from us, to Krewe Babalu for their hospitality, and for letting us join them for some really good times!

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IMG_9862.jpg IMG_9863.jpg IMG_9864.jpg IMG_9865.jpg
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