Armand Bayou Nature Center 09

photos by Eddie Harper

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Year Round - Armand Bayou Nature Center – Pasadena

Eddie and I took a trip across the prairie and out on Armand Bayou to get reacquainted with the Armand Bayou Nature Center. In the short period of time that we were out there, we learned and saw so many different examples of wildlife including a young alligator, about 4 foot long.

This area of approximately 2500 acres is a treasure nestled in the middle of an urban setting. If you want to get back to nature without having to leave the area; this is your answer. It’s a wonderful place, natural, beautiful, and its attended to by a knowledgeable and passionate staff.

Listen in as Tom Kartrude, the Executive Director of Armand Bayou Nature Center and Mark Kramer the Stewardship Coordinator, tell Talk of the Bay, about the center, some of the activities offered, and volunteering.

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