Back Garden Tour 08
photos by Eddie Harper
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Back Garden Tour – Galveston

We arrived in Galveston on Sunday afternoon. It certainly was a warm summer day but the breeze off of the Gulf was great. We made our way from one garden to the next. Variety was the word for the day; we saw very tiny yards to very large yards, beautiful majestic trees to delicate flowering plants. There were water features in most and swimming pools in others and one even had a brick fireplace. Some of the folks are Master Gardeners while others just like to get their fingers ‘in the dirt’ but all obviously enjoy their time mixing with Mother Nature.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as several of owners talk to us about their gardens. The Back Garden Tour is one of the events hosted by the Clean Galveston committee. For more information call 409-762-3363.

Back Garden Back Garden Pool IMG_9347 IMG_9348
Back Garden.jpg Back Garden Pool.jpg IMG_9347.jpg IMG_9348.jpg
IMG_9350 IMG_9351 IMG_9353 IMG_9354
IMG_9350.jpg IMG_9351.jpg IMG_9353.jpg IMG_9354.jpg
IMG_9355 IMG_9356 IMG_9357 IMG_9359
IMG_9355.jpg IMG_9356.jpg IMG_9357.jpg IMG_9359.jpg
IMG_9360 IMG_9361 IMG_9363 IMG_9365
IMG_9360.jpg IMG_9361.jpg IMG_9363.jpg IMG_9365.jpg
IMG_9367 IMG_9368 IMG_9370 IMG_9371
IMG_9367.jpg IMG_9368.jpg IMG_9370.jpg IMG_9371.jpg
IMG_9373 IMG_9374 IMG_9375 IMG_9376
IMG_9373.jpg IMG_9374.jpg IMG_9375.jpg IMG_9376.jpg
IMG_9378 IMG_9379 IMG_9380 IMG_9382
IMG_9378.jpg IMG_9379.jpg IMG_9380.jpg IMG_9382.jpg
IMG_9385 IMG_9387 IMG_9388 IMG_9389
IMG_9385.jpg IMG_9387.jpg IMG_9388.jpg IMG_9389.jpg
IMG_9391 IMG_9393 IMG_9394 IMG_9395
IMG_9391.jpg IMG_9393.jpg IMG_9394.jpg IMG_9395.jpg
IMG_9396 IMG_9398 IMG_9399 IMG_9401
IMG_9396.jpg IMG_9398.jpg IMG_9399.jpg IMG_9401.jpg
IMG_9402 IMG_9403 IMG_9404 IMG_9405
IMG_9402.jpg IMG_9403.jpg IMG_9404.jpg IMG_9405.jpg
IMG_9406 IMG_9408 IMG_9409 IMG_9410
IMG_9406.jpg IMG_9408.jpg IMG_9409.jpg IMG_9410.jpg
IMG_9411 IMG_9413 IMG_9414 IMG_9415
IMG_9411.jpg IMG_9413.jpg IMG_9414.jpg IMG_9415.jpg
IMG_9416 IMG_9417 IMG_9418 IMG_9421
IMG_9416.jpg IMG_9417.jpg IMG_9418.jpg IMG_9421.jpg
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