Bay Area Houston Arts Festival 08

photos by Chiquita

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October 18 - Bay Area Houston Arts Festival – Clear Lake

Wonderful piano music played by young students, oils, watercolors, glass, porcelain, clay, wood and sketches, all different mediums used to express art. Bay area artists, of all ages, participated in this year’s Bay Area Houston Arts Festival hosted by The Arts Alliance of Clear Lake (TAACCL).

The exhibits were both indoors and outdoors; hundreds of people wondered around the festival, admiring, buying and enjoying. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with some of these folks.

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IMG_5456.jpg IMG_5457.jpg IMG_5458.jpg IMG_5459.jpg
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IMG_5460.jpg IMG_5461.jpg IMG_5462.jpg IMG_5463.jpg
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IMG_5464.jpg IMG_5465.jpg IMG_5466.jpg IMG_5467.jpg
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IMG_5469.jpg IMG_5470.jpg IMG_5471.jpg IMG_5472.jpg
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