Blessing of the Fleet 08
photos by Eddie Harper
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Blessing of the Fleet, 40th Anniversay- Kemah

The 40th annual Blessing of the Fleet was held in Kemah, on Sunday May 4. Shrimp boats, fishing boats and pleasure boats decorated and all carrying very happy passengers and crew, floated past the Kemah Boardwalk.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Monsignor Eugene Cargill tells us about this wonderful tradition and Emcee Kelly Williams introduces some of our VIPs.

Whether it’s on land or on the water, everyone loves a parade, and this parade of boats was no exception. Families gathered along the decks of the boardwalk and around Clear Lake enjoying the day, the weather and the Blessing of the Fleet.

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IMG_6844.jpg IMG_6848.jpg IMG_6849.jpg IMG_6850.jpg
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IMG_6851.jpg IMG_6852.jpg IMG_6853.jpg IMG_6854.jpg
IMG_6855 IMG_6856 IMG_6864 IMG_6866
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