Butler Longhorn Museum Q & A  4/9/2007

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photos by Eddie Harper

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Butler Longhorn Museum Q & A

The Butler Longhorn Museum held a Q and A session for some of it’s supporters on April 9th. The session took place at Butlers Courtyard in League City. Not many questions were asked but Jennifer Wycoff - van der Wal, curator of the museum was prepared to have the answers. She had in attendance Longhorn Breeders, a Galveston County Historian, elected officials, future elected officials, even family members of some of the Italians that immigrated to League City last century. The main issue seemed to be “When will the City show real support so that the museum will have some credibility?”
Speakers at Butler Courtyard’s 4/9/07 Butler Longhorn Museum Event included: “Walking Man” Bill Callahan, Houston Live Sock & Rodeo Steer Auction Committee, Friends of BLM-Longhorn Council, Fundraiser, Auctioneer; Kaso Kety, Texas Longhorn Breeders Association Director Central/Eastern US, Butler Longhorn Breeders Association Pres, Friends of BLM Vice President Longhorn Council, Larry Taylor State Representative, non- profit Auctioneer; Alecya Gallaway, U of H Historian, Butler Family Historian; Jennifer Wycoff Curator/Director of Butler Longhorn Museum; Nancy & Ronnie Richards owners of Butler’s Courtyard, Board of Directors Chamber of League City of League City; Janice Dunnin owner Butlers Courtyard; Genevieve & Marvin Weyer Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame Inductees, Bette Specion, President of the friends of the Butler Longhorn Museum, and “Misslettie” The Singing Cow Girl.
The event was a tremendous success as a gathering with the fine people of League City and other States. We did not plan the event to be a fund raiser, rather an informational exchange for the League City Council Members, Chamber of Commerce Members and citizens. With the support of Ann Hacker of Black Rose Steel, the citizens and local business we quickly had an auction in place and raised $5000, 00 for exhibits. I sincerely appreciate the support of the citizens of our community participating in the event and all the above mention volunteers and donors.


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