Calder Rd Fire in League City, Tx 08


photos by Eddie Harper

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League City Fire Department Fights House Fire, November 12 – League City

Six fire crews answered an alarm, early Thursday morning, on Calder Rd. in League City. When I arrived, it was clear that the house was going to be a loss because it was fully engulfed. My camera recorded the first image at 12:30am (it may be a few minutes off) and the last image was taken at 1:11am. The firefighters arrived and immediately started to defend other buildings and autos on the property. Everyone was out of the house but a woman and two children were transported to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center for treatment. Although they suffered from smoke inhalation, none of their injuries was life threatening. Our Volunteer Firefighters did a great job containing this fire and protecting the surrounding property.


Can you fill these boots?

It takes a special person to fill the boots of a volunteer firefighter. If interested . . . . .Then join the next Fire Academy starting January
League City Volunteer Fire Department  view photos of a fire in League City
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