Clear Creek Cleanup – Seabrook 09


photos by Eddie Harper and Jeff Jenny

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February 21 - Clear Creek Cleanup – Clear Lake

Every year for 10 years, the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation spends five weeks cleaning debris out of Clear Creek. This is debris that has made is way down into the creek via the tributaries running throughout the bay area. Rex Ward, is the founder of this organization and is ‘the Keeper of the Creek’. This year Rex and the foundation have an exceptional challenge in front of them. And they will spend the majority of their time trying to clean up the debris thrown into other waterways by Hurricane Ike.

Commercial and residential air conditioners, workout benches, fences, refrigerators, freezers, cars, trailers and huge storage containers have all been left sitting in water throughout Seabrook, Kemah, Clear Lake and anywhere else that got in the way of the storm. It is a huge undertaking and a huge expense. They need help, all kinds of help. Volunteers, money and equipment are all needed. This is an undertaking that needs the help of our entire bay area community.

Listen in as Eddie talks with Rex Ward and Lloyd Thornton on Talk of the Bay. Let them tell you themselves what the state of our bay area waters are in.

Editor’s Note: If you, your organization, group, church or family would like to help please contact us. We are looking for feasible ideas on how to help tackle this problem. We will do our best to help put you in touch with the right people. It will take our community to save our water ways.

Eddie's Note: Take a look at the photos, you will see dramatic before and after pics. I believe that subconsciously most people don't realize the effort that's happening here (out of site out of mind). Special thanks to Jeff Jenny for some of his photos.

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