Clear Springs High School Winter Ball 08 Gallery 1

photos by Eddie Harper

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Clear Springs High School Winter Ball 08

What a night to remember... Held at South Shores elegant ball room, about 30 beautiful young ladies organized an unforgettable night. Being that Clear Springs is a new high school, the girls wanted to create some traditions of their own. The 30 girls were chosen and didn't waste one second to begin their creation of the first Clear Springs High School Winter Ball. The tickets were 75 dollars per couple, which included a catered dinner by South Shore. The money the girls raised was donated to families victimized by Hurricane Ike. A special thanks goes out to the parents that helped and to the President and Vice President of the committee, Kymberly Garcia and Fendi Kerrligan.

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IMG_8955.jpg IMG_8957.jpg IMG_8958.jpg IMG_8959.jpg
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