Clear Lake Crawfish Fest 09  


photos by Chiquita and Paul

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April 3 – Crawfish Festival – Clear Lake

The Landolt Pavillion, out at Clear Lake Park, was filled with folks enjoying some good old Cajun music and some spicy crawfish. Grandparents and parents swirled around the floor with children while everyone was enjoying the crawfish and all the trimmings.

Friday night was just the start of a fun filled weekend. Saturday would bring the Gumbo cookoff, silent auction and even more crawfish.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay, talks to some of the folks enjoying the festival.

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DSC01126.jpg DSC01127.jpg DSC01129.jpg IMG_8500.jpg
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IMG_8501.jpg IMG_8502.jpg IMG_8503.jpg IMG_8504.jpg
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IMG_8505.jpg IMG_8507.jpg IMG_8508.jpg IMG_8509.jpg
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