Dickens on the Strand Gallery 2

photography by Eddie Harper
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Dickens on the Strand November 30 – December 2, 2007

One of the pride and joys of Galveston, this festival is always one of my favorites. Friday started the festival off with the beautiful holiday music of the Handbell Concert at St. Joseph’s Church. Later that evening, we attended the Traditional Dickens Feast, dining on a typical English dinner while listening to Henry Dickens Hawksley, the great great grandson of Charles Dickens.

Listen to Talk of the Bay, as bagpipes accompany Queen Victoria into the Garten Verein and as Henry Dickens Hawksley narrates ‘A Christmas Carol
Our stroll down the strand was filled with circus animals, tasty food, vendors and street performers including Donal Hinely, who plays glasses.

Special thanks to J'Nean Henderson of the Victorian Lady of League City for the use of those knickers.

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