Disco Daze 08

photos by Paul Fjelsta
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Disco Daze Casino Night – Clear Lake

DJ Dave Robertson, of Musical Cheers, kept the disco music playing all night. With Saturday Night Fever playing in the background, the Bay Oaks Country Club was reliving the days of polyester leisure suites and platform shoes. Gaming tables and slot machines were all in heavy use and those fortunate enough to win, increased their chances for some great raffle prizes.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Kim Edman talks about the event, Whitney Wilson persuades us to bid on a beautiful necklace. Theresa Graham tells us a little bit about the Community Assistance Providers of Clear Lake, affectionately known as CAP.

For more information about CAP please contact Michael Divine at 281-635-1032 or Tama Brantley at 713-542-4834.


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