photography by Eddie Harper
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Krewe D’Esprit Rosaire Royal Pageant – Galveston

On Saturday night, January 19, 2008, the Krewe D’Esprit Rosaire converted the Expo Hall at Moody Gardens into a Salute to Hollywood. Krewe members dressed up as their favorite Hollywood star and came out to walk in on the red carpet. But the true star of the ball was Miss Ronnette Daniels, Queen of Krewe D’Esprit Rosaire.

Listen in as Cheryl Randle tells Talk of the Bay, about what stars are at the gala and where all that great music is coming from.

By the way, the beautiful white gown worn by ‘Marilyn Monroe’ (aka me) was furnished by Jill’s Fashions. Halter top, with a front slit and a beautiful train in the back. Both the front and back are highlighted with rhinestones, it is one of the many gorgeous gowns at Jill’s.

For more information about the Krewe D’Esprit Rosaire visit www.krewedespritrosaire.org

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