FeatherFest 08


photography by Eddie Harper
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The Featherfest in Galveston April 3rd

I arrived in Galveston to meet the bus to head out to the kayak adventure and couldn’t help but notice a large travel trailer parked in the street next to Saengerfest Park. It was Jonathan Wood’s travel trailer. He’s in Galveston with his Raptur Show in conjunction with this year’s Featherfest. more about Jonathan Wood

After getting off a few shots of the Birds of prey I headed out to Galveston’s east end Lagoon where I hooked up with Rani Henderson and Breck Sacra. They were in charge of the kayak-birding adventure. Their knowledge and skill was very evident as they were identifying birds from faint chirps, clicks and other barely audible sounds. The trip was a lot of fun, (not to mention a great work out) educational, and I found out how much NRG and www.ArtistBoat.org  care about the eco system here in Galveston. Listen as Rani Henderson tells Talk of the Bay about our adventure and the Artist Boat.

IMG_5783 IMG_5784 IMG_5787 IMG_5790
IMG_5783.jpg IMG_5784.jpg IMG_5787.jpg IMG_5790.jpg
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IMG_5791.jpg IMG_5792.jpg IMG_5795.jpg IMG_5796.jpg
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IMG_5797.jpg IMG_5798.jpg IMG_5799.jpg IMG_5801.jpg
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IMG_5804.jpg IMG_5805.jpg IMG_5806.jpg IMG_5808.jpg
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IMG_5823.jpg IMG_5824.jpg IMG_5826.jpg IMG_5827.jpg
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IMG_5837.jpg IMG_5839.jpg.jpg IMG_5849.jpg IMG_5852.jpg.jpg
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IMG_5862.jpg IMG_5871.jpg.jpg IMG_5872.jpg IMG_5875.jpg
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IMG_5876.jpg IMG_5884.jpg IMG_5901.jpg IMG_5903.jpg
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IMG_5904.jpg.jpg IMG_5909.jpg IMG_5912.jpg IMG_5914.jpg
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