Firefighter Academy 08


photos by Eddie Harper

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Firefighter Training Academy

Instructor Jack Helton and his fellow instructors are not cutting these cadets any slack and with good reason. They have to be very familiar with their equipment; instinctively. The training will not only save lives but will keep the firefighters alive. Today they are practicing donning their gear in under 1 minute 45 seconds and negotiating a maze with wax paper stuffed in their mask to simulate a smoke filled room.

These are firefighter cadets, from local cities including 4 from League City, that have participated in firefighter academies gaining roughly 100 hours of training. This intense and expanded course is taught by the College of the Mainland and requires more than 800 hours of training. It will certainly make the volunteers better firefighters and gives them the opportunity to pursue a career in firefighting.

My son David happens to be participating in this program and he loves it. He really did not have any direction in life after graduating high school but after watching a friend’s house burn down
(see photos), he found his course. Sondra and I are observing a change in our son for the better.

Designed to prepare cadets for the ‘real deal’, the League City Volunteer Firefighter Academy will start another class soon ,(find out more) this may be a great opportunity for another young person. Listen in with Talk of the Bay.

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