5K for Fireworks 08


photography by Chiquita Taylor
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5K For Fireworks Fun Run Sunday, Feb. 24 – Clear Lake Area

We arrived at the University of Houston at Clear Lake, early on Sunday morning. The sun was trying hard to peek through the fog while runners and walkers of all ages were preparing for the 5K For Fireworks Fun Run. Hosted by the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, this along with several other activities, is a fundraiser for the chamber’s fourth of July fireworks fund.

About 25 youngsters lined up anxiously awaiting the start of their run. Most wore bandanas courtesy of Sweet Leaf Tea and some were even convinced that the red bandana would help them run faster.

Directly following the Kids’ 1K, the 5K runners and walkers lined up for their start. The cool temperatures and the tree lined course made for a perfect venue.

Listen in to
Talk of the Bay as some of our younger runners talk about their running strategies and find out whether Richard Simmons, Chairman of the Board for the chamber, plans to run another race.

Thanks to Priscilla Schneider and her crew of volunteers for putting together this wonderful family event. Congratulations to Betsey Ennis, of the Scene magazine on her P.R. and to Kathy Stoll for doing her first ever 5K.

Winners of this race are listed on www.ClearLakeArea.org

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