photos by Eddie Harper and Paul Fjelsta

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May 30 – Re-Birth-Day Celebration – Galveston

Still feeling the effects of Ike, Galveston is determined to moved forward, rebuild and make a significant come back. Saturday, we strolled the streets of historic downtown Galveston; along the way we ran into so many of our island friends. Most were wearing flip flops, and t-shirts but all were wearing big smiling faces. It was a wonderful feeling to know that recovery is alive and doing well on the island.

Listen in, to Talk of the Bay, as we get reactions from some of the other folks out on the streets.

And just to let you know: Mod Coffee Shop on Postoffice is now open as is so many of the shops along Postoffice street; including a cute little clothing boutique called Ha-Ba’s. Also, the Tremont hotel is expected to open this week. We also hope to hear from Tommy LeCroy about the re-opening of Bistro LeCroy; a great Cajun eatery.

Many thanks to Crash Boat Johnny and The Pirates for their original song dedicated to Harold Backe, proud Papa to Brandon Backe; a Galveston resident and a pitcher for the Astros.

Happy Re-Birth-day Galveston!

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