photos by Eddie Harper and Paul Fjelsta

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July 4 – Independence Day Celebrations Around the Bay                                                        gallery 1              gallery 2

The 4th of July was celebrated throughout the bay area with home town parades, park activities and fireworks being shot into the skies. Families walked, rode bicycles, homemade floats along the main streets of their communities. City officials put politics aside and rode one after the other in honor of our country’s day of independence.

Watermelon, hot dogs and lemonade were the menu of the day.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we enjoy the day with parade participants including Frank Billingsley, Parade Marshal for the Galveston festivities.

Many thanks to our friend and wonderful musician Sparky Koerner and Sparky’s Jazz Express for their great rendition of our national anthem. Enjoy jazz? Then take a minute to visit Sparky’s website at or call him at 409-771-7683.

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IMG_3182.jpg IMG_3184.jpg IMG_3186.jpg IMG_3187.jpg
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