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April 17 thru 25 – Galveston County Fair and Rodeo – Santa Fe   gallery 1

Howdy and Yeeeehawww!! The rain came down in buckets but the rodeo spirit was still riding high. From the Seafood Cook Off to the Goat Scramble, from the BBQ Cook Off to the Bull Riding and from the Carnival Rides to the Chupacabra Monster, people were having a blast.

Yup, in spite of the rain drenched first weekend, the rodeo events prevailed. And with the beautiful weather during the second week, hordes of folks came out to enjoy this wonderful county fair and rodeo.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we made our way through the cook offs, livestock auction, animal shows and scrambles. And by the way, the Grand Champion Steer went for $22,000 plus add ons. Cool!

Be sure to put this one on your calendar for next year; it is just so darn Texan, ya gotta love it!!

Editor’s Note: The Chupacabra, also called Goat Sucker, is said to inhabit parts of the Americas. Sightings stretch from Puerto Rico to the Carolinas and Chile. Some say these creatures are real some declare they are an urban legend.

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