photos by Eddie Harper

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April 25 – Vineyard Feast at Haak Winery – Santa Fe

Raymond and Gladys Haak greeted guests as they arrived; all were anticipating a grand feast. The vineyards were lined with sparkling lights which enhanced the beautiful greenery of the vines. And Jando, a very talented band, provided the lively flamenco music throughout the evening.

David Reiss, the Executive Chef, started guests off with some wonderful Texas gulf shrimp appetizers. We then moved to the pavilion where the nicely decorated dining tables were overlooking the vineyards.

The meal was fit for royalty. Roasted suckling pig, prime rib, purple fingerling potatoes and baby rainbow carrots were just the beginning. Yellow watermelon radishes mixed with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers made a unique and delicious salad, and the black garlic mashed potatoes were superb. And of course, a wide variety of wines were enjoyed by everyone.

And then, the desserts: Butter cake with a sangria gele’e, pecan and cherry tartlets, cheesecake with caramel topping and a decadent chocolate buffet served with the port and madeira wines!

After the wonderful meal guests gathered around the wood burning fire pit for cheerful socializing, madeira and fine cigars.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay, as we shared the evening with the other guests.

Visit for more information about upcoming events. Much appreciation goes to the Texas Shrimp Association for donating the beautiful Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp.


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