2007 Oyster Season with Hillman


photography by Eddie Harper
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Hillman Shrimp and Oyster Co. – November 1, 2007

Oyster season is here, Yea!! Thursday, November 1, one of the bay area’s favorite seasons starts up. We’re probably the only area, in the world, that has 5 seasons in a year, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Oyster.

Early on Thursday morning, huge numbers of oyster boats will be heading out to Galveston bay, included in there will be Hillman’s large fleet.
For three decades the Hillmans have owned and operated the Hillman Shrimp and Oyster Co. Listen in as Chris Hillman tells Eddie and Chiquita, of Talk of the Bay, about what will happen on Thursday and every day after that until the season ends.

Now, go out and buy a bag of oysters, invite some friends over and have a good time! Hillman Shrimp and Oyster Co. sells directly to the public and they are located 10700 Hillman Dr. in Dickinson or call 281-339-1506. Check out the photos as the oyster boats delivered the goods.

IMG_9070 IMG_9074 IMG_9075 IMG_9076
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IMG_9241.jpg IMG_9242.jpg IMG_9243.jpg IMG_9244.jpg
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IMG_9245.jpg IMG_9246.jpg IMG_9248.jpg IMG_9249.jpg
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IMG_9254.jpg IMG_9255.jpg IMG_9256.jpg IMG_9257.jpg
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IMG_9258.jpg IMG_9260.jpg IMG_9261.jpg IMG_9262.jpg
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