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photos by Eddie Harper

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Collage of Recovery

Eddie and I have been so impressed with all of the help and recovery efforts that are now going on.

In League City, we stopped at the Interfaith Caring Ministries Hurricane Relief Center. Here, some of volunteers are sorting and stacking supplies that are being donated by the community. Other volunteers are helping give out the supplies. Clothing, new and used, canned goods and non-perishables are brought in stocked and then handed out. It’s the cycle of caring and sharing. The ICM Hurricane Relief Center is located at 231 West Main in League City. Hours of operations are 9am – 6pm, Monday through Friday.

Our next stop was as the Sportsplex, in League City. Here, the Texas Baptist Men’s organization has set up a camp of mobile kitchens. An army of volunteers, more than a dozen 18 wheelers, forklifts and trailers line the area. The trucks bring in the donated canned and frozen goods, volunteers use pneumatic can openers to open cans of food. Cooking in fourteen huge tilt skillets, 8 very large steam kettles and 14 large confection ovens volunteers put their culinary skills to the test.

The prepared food is then carefully packed in special temperature controlled, insulated containers and loaded back onto the trucks. The hot food is then delivered to special distribution points where hurricane victims can come get a ‘home’ cooked meal for themselves and their families. It is a magnificent operation. And the whole camp is run off of donated equipment and volunteers.

Written on one of the trucks… Anywhere, Anytime, and Anyway these wonderful caring people bring these words to life.

If you are interested in volunteering please call Ed at 469-835-0304. If you would like to make a monetary contribution please send your checks to:
Texas Baptist Men, Disaster Relief
Dixon Building,5351 Catron
Dallas, TX 775227

The third stop was with the Clear Creek Independent School District Project ‘Crayon’. Kids helping kids is the theme. Students help collect, sort, fold and stack tens of thousands of dollars of donations for kids and their families that were hit hard during the hurricane. Generous Wal Mart employees, from nearby Pearland, contributed their Christmas party funds to the purchase of much needed school supplies which were delivered early Thursday morning.
For more information visit Operation Crayon.

Listen in as folks, from each of these recovery centers, tell Talk of the Bay about their special story.

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