League City and Ike 08
photos by Chiquita and Eddie

photos by Chiquita and Eddie

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League City After Ike

Jennifer Wycoff, director of the Butler Longhorn Museum, and I teamed up at the League City Civic Center. Our task for the day was to deliver water to throughout League City and to capture, in photos, what we saw along the way.

Our first stop was at the City’s Vehicle Maintenance depot where the city had setup a lunch center for all of the workers. Police, EMTs, Electricians and maintenance folks gathered around for a few minutes to grab something good to eat and to get a cold drink before they headed out again.

The rest of the day, which included a stop at a POD setup by the National Guard, was spent going through neighborhoods that were hard hit by Hurricane Ike.

Listen in as City Administrator, Chris Reed, Chief Mike Jez and Sergent First Class Hamilton, of the National Guard give Talk of the Bay and update on the state of the city and where to find some help.

a few words from Eddie- The critter in the first photo is a snapping turtle we rescued crossing South Shore Blvd (south of 96). He was one of several we found crossing the roads. My photos are random shots around League City just after day break following Ike. Yes those towards the end were taken at South Shore Harbour.

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