It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Gallery 1
photography by Eddie Harper
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NASA Metro Go Texan Rodeo Fashion Show – Clear Lake Area

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere and the NASA, Clear Creek, Friendswood Metro Go Texan Subcommittee of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo TM hosted another entertaining and successful fashion show.

On Friday, January 18 2008, the Gilruth Center at the Johnson Space Center was filled with tropical music, sights and fashions. Produced by Lenny Matuszewski, fashions, provided by local bay area boutiques and retailers, were strutted down the catwalk.

Immediately following the fashion show, there was a tropical themed casino party. With gaming tables, steel drum entertainment by The Tall and Short of It and dance productions by the Jill Rauscher School of Dance, the party continued on, throughout the afternoon.

Listen in as models Jeff Moore, Kevin Venable and Al Saylor tell all to Talk of the Bay and party goers Dan Leonard and Gloria Wong give their reactions.

The NASA/Clear Creek/Friendswood Houston Metro Go Texan Sub Committee is always looking for new volunteers. For more information about joining this dedicated committee, call Anita Fogtman at 281-488-4640.

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