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Jeanette Williams Foundation - Lunch for Life Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dianne Troop, founder of Jeanette Williams Foundation has turned a tragedy in her own life to a light of hope, in the lives of children stricken with cancer. Through the Jeanette Wlliams Foundation, Dianne will make a difference.
On Thursday, October 18, the Lunch for Life event was held at South Shore Harbour Resort. Dr. Frederick Huang, Professor and Director of Hemotology/Oncology represented UTMB, as he expressed his thanks to the foundation and its supports. Following Dr. Huang, was Body Language Expert, Jan Hargrave. Listen in as we hear what Dr. Huang, Jan Hargrave and Dianne Troop have to say on Talk of the Bay.

For more information about the Jeanette Williams Foundation contact Dianne Troop at

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