photos by Eddie, Paul, and Chiquita

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May 1 thru 3 – Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance – Seabrook

Absolutely every kind of car that you could think of was parked in front of or around Lakewood Yacht Club. And in the harbor there were amazing wooden boats, a 98 year old river boat, a seaplane and a steel hulled yacht. All incredible in their own rights. Special to us was a vehicle that was a combination of both boat and car, known as a Watercar, invented, built and owned by David Marsh.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we toured the event.

Editor’s Note: I have to say, this was a huge thrill for me, because I got to ride in the Watercar with David Marsh as he set out into the bay for some high speed runs. We got up to 55 mph, in this car, not on a freeway but out on the water… AWESOME!! Thank you so much, David Marsh and good luck; we’ll be looking for you and your amazing invention.

IMG_1644 IMG_1646 IMG_1649 IMG_1650
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IMG_1659 IMG_1661 IMG_1662 IMG_1663
IMG_1659.jpg IMG_1661.jpg IMG_1662.jpg IMG_1663.jpg
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IMG_1664.jpg IMG_1665.jpg IMG_1666.jpg IMG_1667.jpg
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IMG_1672 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1675
IMG_1672.jpg IMG_1673.jpg IMG_1674.jpg IMG_1675.jpg
IMG_1676 IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1679
IMG_1676.jpg IMG_1677.jpg IMG_1678.jpg IMG_1679.jpg
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IMG_1689 IMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1692
IMG_1689.jpg IMG_1690.jpg IMG_1691.jpg IMG_1692.jpg
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IMG_1693.jpg IMG_1694.jpg IMG_1695.jpg IMG_1696.jpg
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IMG_1702.jpg IMG_1703.jpg IMG_1704.jpg IMG_1705.jpg
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IMG_1724 IMG_1725 IMG_1726 IMG_1727
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IMG_1737 IMG_1739 IMG_1740 IMG_1741
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IMG_1742 IMG_1743 IMG_1746 IMG_1747
IMG_1742.jpg IMG_1743.jpg IMG_1746.jpg IMG_1747.jpg
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IMG_7103.jpg IMG_7104.jpg IMG_7105.jpg IMG_7106.jpg
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IMG_7120.jpg IMG_7121.jpg IMG_7122.jpg IMG_7123.jpg
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IMG_7124.jpg IMG_7125.jpg IMG_7126.jpg IMG_7127.jpg
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IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7138 IMG_7139
IMG_7136.jpg IMG_7137.jpg IMG_7138.jpg IMG_7139.jpg
IMG_7140 IMG_7141 IMG_7142 IMG_7143
IMG_7140.jpg IMG_7141.jpg IMG_7142.jpg IMG_7143.jpg
IMG_7144 IMG_7146 IMG_7147 IMG_7149
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IMG_7154.jpg IMG_7156.jpg IMG_7157.jpg IMG_7161.jpg
IMG_7162 IMG_7163 IMG_7164 IMG_7166
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IMG_7167 IMG_7169 IMG_7170 IMG_7171
IMG_7167.jpg IMG_7169.jpg IMG_7170.jpg IMG_7171.jpg
IMG_7173 IMG_7174 IMG_7176 IMG_7177
IMG_7173.jpg IMG_7174.jpg IMG_7176.jpg IMG_7177.jpg
IMG_7178 IMG_7179 IMG_7180 IMG_7181
IMG_7178.jpg IMG_7179.jpg IMG_7180.jpg IMG_7181.jpg
IMG_7182 IMG_7183 IMG_7184 IMG_7185
IMG_7182.jpg IMG_7183.jpg IMG_7184.jpg IMG_7185.jpg
IMG_7186 IMG_7187 IMG_7189 IMG_7190
IMG_7186.jpg IMG_7187.jpg IMG_7189.jpg IMG_7190.jpg
IMG_7191 IMG_7192 IMG_7193 IMG_7194
IMG_7191.jpg IMG_7192.jpg IMG_7193.jpg IMG_7194.jpg
IMG_7195 IMG_7196 IMG_7197 IMG_7198
IMG_7195.jpg IMG_7196.jpg IMG_7197.jpg IMG_7198.jpg
IMG_7199 IMG_7200 IMG_7201 IMG_7202
IMG_7199.jpg IMG_7200.jpg IMG_7201.jpg IMG_7202.jpg
IMG_7204 IMG_7205 IMG_7206 IMG_7207
IMG_7204.jpg IMG_7205.jpg IMG_7206.jpg IMG_7207.jpg
IMG_7208 IMG_7209 IMG_7210  
IMG_7208.jpg IMG_7209.jpg IMG_7210.jpg