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September 10 – Kickoff By The Creek – League City

What do you have when you put 5 football coaches in the same room with high school cheerleaders and football players in the background? It’s a huge pep rally! The coaches were Paul Laier, Clear Brook High School; Waymon Warden, Clear Creek High School; Troy Aduddell, Clear Lake High School; Clint Hartman, Clear Springs High School; and Warren Trahan, Dickinson High School. Each coach gave a very upbeat and sometimes comical talk about their players, their schools and the bay area community as a whole. And of course there were a few football stories in there too.

The League City Chamber of Commerce along with a very creative committee put together the first, annual, Kick-Off by the Creek. Along with the coaches, the speakers panel made up of Shawn Bailey, President of AMOCO Federal Credit Union, Galveston County’s Judge Jim Yarbrough and guest speaker Matt Musil, sports anchor for KHOU-TV and holding up the female presence was Debbie Thomas, President of the League City Chamber of Commerce.

Judge Yarbrough awarded Coach Waymon Warden with Clear Creek High School, the first ‘Crying Towel’ award. Congratulations Coach!

Listen in as Talk of the Bay, learns more about this new and unique event. Be sure to check out the pics...

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