Kids and Cops
photography by Eddie Harper
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League City’s Blue Santa December 2007

Officer Christy Galyean IS Santa’s Helper… The Santa that Christy assists is League City’s Blue Santa. Representing the League City Police Department, and with help from the EMS and Fire Department, this Blue Santa brings a special Christmas to League city families in need.

Listen in as Christy, immersed in a room full of toys, tells
Talk of the Bay, about the Blue Santa, what they’re trying to do and how you can help.

The Kids and Cops event that Christy spoke about will be held at Victory Lakes Intermediate on Friday, December 14. And the Blue Santa Party will be at the League City Civic Center on Thursday and Friday, December 20 and 21.

For more information about Blue Santa call Officer Christy Galyean 281-338-8201 and Merry Christmas from the League City Police Department.

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IMG_1859.jpg IMG_1860.jpg IMG_1862.jpg IMG_1863.jpg
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