Mystic Krewe Du Carnaval

photography by Eddie Harper
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Mystic Krewe du Carnaval Royal Ball, January 12, 2008 – Clear Lake

Viva Las Vegas! The Royal Ball for the Mystic Krewe du Carnaval was held on Saturday, January 12, 2008. Transforming the Johnny Arolfo Civic Center into a Vegas like casino, this year’s King and Queen were presented to the Krewe in a grand manner. Beads were tossed into the crowds as court members, dressed in themed attire and head dress, danced their way to center stage.

Starting their reign for 2008, King Harry Caldwell and his lovely wife, Queen Era Lee Caldwell led the procession as they were presented to the Krewe. Other court members were the Duke and Duchess of Luxury, George and Maureen Giacchino; Duke and Duchess of Magic, Pat McCormack and Nancy George; Duke and Duchess of Entertainment, John Lovoi and Christy Alderman; Duke and Duchess of Gambling, Jimmy Roller and Carolyn Kahlich, the Duchess of Love, Denise Waite and the Duchess of Classic Vegas, Sue Sedwick. Debutantes were Caitlyn Carlton and Mary Thompson. Co-captains for the Mystic Krewe du Carnaval are Kathleen Courville and Manny Alaniz.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay, captures the excitement of the court members, back stage, prior to the official presentation.

Laissez les bon temps rouler !

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