League City Heroes 2006 League City, Tx

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photography by
Eddie Harper
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There are 9 names immortalized on this magnificent stone. Here is why...

World War 1

Pvt. George Ghirardi, U.S. ARMY

George Ghirardi was born in 1896 as the 3rd of nine children and the son of Italian immigrants. He was a member of one of the first families to settle in League City.
George’s father was disabled and his mother died during child birth in 1905. George entered military service in order to allow his older brother to remain home to support the family. George Ghirardi was lost at sea on August 25, 1918 while crossing the ocean to join the war in Europe. He was 22 years old.

Pvt. Leslie Scott, USMC

Leslie Scott was born on July 21, 1897 and is reported to be the first child born in League City. He was the only man from League City to enlist in the Marine Corps during WWI and shipped out to France in February 1918. His Regiment was twice cited in the French Orders of the Army and to this day the 6th Marine Regiment is authorized to wear the French Fourragere. Leslie Scott fell wounded on one of the most bloody battlefields in France on July 19, 1918. He returned to the front lines and was mortally wounded less than 2 months later. Leslie Scott was 21 years of age.

World War 2

SSg. Percy John McFaddin, USAAF

Percy John McFaddin was born and raised in League City and was a graduate of League City High School. He was an avid outdoorsman and worked for Humble Oil Company in Baytown prior to enlisting in the Army. He later transferred to the U.S. Army Air Force and had just completed training as a flight engineer prior to his death. He and 5 other airmen were killed on January 24, 1943 when their B-25 bomber crashed and burst into flames during a training flight near Great Falls, South Carolina. Percy John McFaddin was 25 years old.

2C Class Richard Joseph Thomsom, U.S. Navy

Richard Joseph Thomson was the son of a Scottish Immigrant and grew up on a farm very near where we are gathered today. He graduated from League City High School and joined the Navy at age 17. Richard Thomson was serving aboard the U.S.S. Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941 when his ship and others at dockage in the harbor came under aerial attack. His family was notified days later that he was reported Missing in Action and on December 23rd came the grim news that he had in fact perished during the attack. Richard Joseph Thomson was 18 years of age. He is buried along with many of his shipmates on the Island of Oahu.



SP4 James Milton Floyd, U.S. Army

James or Jim as he was known was the 3rd of six Floyd children and was known for his practical jokes and his interest in hunting and firearms. He enlisted in the Army in 1967 and arrived in Vietnam on July 9, 1968 where he served as an aircraft arms repairman and a helicopter door gunner. Having completed his one-year tour of duty in July 1969, Jim volunteered to serve an additional 6 months in Vietnam. On September 16, 1969, Jim along with 4 other members of his flight crew were transporting weapons and ammunition to a forward fire base when their CH-47 helicopter crashed into a hill side during poor weather and low visibility. There were no survivors. James Milton Floyd was 21 years old. In 1971, the City of League City dedicated Floyd Road in Jim’s honor.

PFC Michael K. Woodcock, U.S. Army

Michael graduated from Clear Creek High School in 1963. He attended Alvin Community College, obtained a pilot’s license and worked at NASA prior to entering the Army in 1970. After training and just weeks prior to shipping out for Vietnam, Michael married while home on leave. Michael’s squad was on an ambush patrol about 2 miles south of the DMZ on December 12, 1970 when the patrol tripped an anti-personnel mine. Michael along with 5 other members of his unit were fatally wounded by the blast. Michael was described as a competent and courageous soldier, whose sense of duty earned for him, the respect of every man in his company. Michael Woodcock was posthumously awarded the bronze star. He was 25 years old. In 1971, the City of League City dedicated Woodcock Street in Michael’s honor.



Spc. Ray Joseph Hutchinson, U.S. Army

Ray Joseph Hutchinson graduated from Clear Creek High School in 2001. While in high school, he served as a photographer on the school newspaper and played saxophone in the band. After graduation, he went on to attend Texas State University before leaving school to serve his country in the wake of the 9-11 attacks.
Ray Joseph was a proud member of the 101st Airborne Division and was killed on December 7, 2003 by an improvised explosive device as he was returning from a patrol in Mosul, Iraq. Ironically, just days before his death Ray Joseph was planning to return home on emergency leave for his grandmother’s heart surgery but refused to bump another soldier from the flight. Ray Joseph was posthumously awarded the bronze star, purple heart and combat infantry badge. He was 20 years old.

GySgt. Phillip A. Jordan, U.S.M.C.

Phillip Jordan was a Marine’s Marine. His buddies called him “Gump” after the movie character “Forest Gump” because of his all-around nice guy nature and optimistic attitude. His loveable personality was however belied by a difficult childhood. Phillip’s mother was killed by a drunk driver when he was a toddler and his father died from heart disease when he was 13. Phillip’s time in League City was spent living with a foster family. He graduated from Clear Creek High School in 1980. Phillip joined the Marine Corps at age 27 after overcoming a battle with Hodgkin’s disease. He went onto become a drill instructor, the best of the best, a maker of Marines. He doubt influenced the lives of many Marines for I can assure you that no Marine ever forgets his or her drill instructor. Phillip died in a fire fight during the Battle of An Nasiriyah on March 23, 2003. He was 42 years old.

Sgt. Barry K. Meza, U.S. Army

Barry Meza joined the Army after his graduation from Clear Creek High School in 1999. Barry was on his third tour of the Middle East and a member of the 96th Transportation Company moving supplies from Kuwait to Iraq. Barry and another Soldier were struck and killed by a vehicle on December 19, 2004 as they were assessing a disabled vehicle in Kuwait. Barry was 23 years old.

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