The Lite Bunch at HLSR 08

photography by Eddie Harper
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Lite Bunch Cooking Team at the HLSR International Cookoff – Clear Lake Area

The rodeo is in town! How can you tell? Just drive by the Reliant Center and you’ll see several hundred tents, all belonging to cooking teams. These teams come from all over the world to compete in this cook off. And one of those teams is our very own ‘Lite Bunch’.

For months now the Lite Bunch Cooking Team has been preparing for this weekend. Along with feeding more that 3000 visitors to their tent, they will also concentrate on their own cook off entries. Special recipes, secret ingredients and of course special cooking techniques will all be used to come up with some prize winning dishes.

Thursday, February 28 was Sponsor Appreciation Night at the Lite Bunch tent. And thanks to our gracious friends, we were invited to join in the fun. Also there that night were two long time friends and supporters of the Lite Bunch, Ron and Roxanne Sweeney. Ron is the Director of Player Development for the South Point Casino and Hotel on the south side of Las Vegas Blvd in Nevada. Roxey and Ron have been coming to this cookoff for more than a dozen years. As Roxey says, each year the cook off dates go on their calendar first.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we chat with Dave Robertson, the Papa of the Lite Bunch; Rocky Mouldin, co-founder and crawfish king and the Sweeneys.

It was a great night of visiting with friends, enjoying the music, eating some of the best food in Texas and doing a little boot scootin’. Yeeehawww!

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