Lone Star Rally 08


photos by Eddie Harper

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The Lone Star Rally 2008 – Rally to Rebuild - Galveston

It didn’t look good for the Lone Star Rally, as I drove to the Island, on Friday night. I saw a total of four motorcycles, cruising the highway, between League City and Galveston. Getting concerned, I thought to myself that the Rally would end up on the list of casualties caused by Ike. As I approached the Strand area, I saw a few more bikes so I parked my car and got ready to shoot whatever I could find.

Then I turned the corner, on to The Stand. Wow! There were thousands of bikes lined along both sides of the road. The bikers were there, in full support for Galveston. In spite of the cold weather, the destruction from Ike and the challenge of hotel rooms, they were there! These folks are a strong and resilient community of people. I know this because I owned a “Biker Bar” for a few years. Despite the bikers’ reputation of rough and tumble most are great people and go over and above to support great causes.

Event Producer, Ron Limbock showed a lot of courage to move on with this event and obviously he has lined himself up with some fantastic businesses that are of the same frame of mind.

I didn’t get a chance to get out there Saturday and Sunday but judging from Friday’s attendance and good times, Galveston got a real good shot of “Rally to Rebuild”.


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