Masked Gala 08


photos by Paul Fjelsta

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Masked Magic Gala, October 25 – Clear Lake

It was an evening filled with talent and entertainment. Minstrels, Peter, Paul and Mary strolled around each table entertaining guests with a wide variety of songs. Peter Wuenschel, the Executive Director of the Communities in Schools (CIS), his brother Paul and his sister Mary make up this talented musical trio. The entertainment continued on with a hypnotist and then on to the Bay Area Idol. And beautifully decorated tables filled the room and added to the gay festivities.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we captured some talented bay area folks as they vied for the title of the Bay Area Idol.

For more information about CIS please call 281-486-6698 or visit . For information about the Masked Magic Gala contact Sue at 281-488-3942 or email her at .

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