Miller Lite Bunch at the Pasadena Rodeo 08

photos by Eddie Harper and Paul Fjelsta

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Pasadena Rodeo and BBQ Cook Off, October 23, Thursday – Pasadena

We went strolling through the Pasadena Fairgrounds and across an interesting camp setup by the Texas Redneck Cook Off Team. From a tricked out bus to oversized undies, handing out to dry, to a leopard printed outhouse these folks were set to have a fun weekend.

Then, of course, we visited with the Lite Bunch headed up by Dave Robertson and Rocky Mouldin. Always having a good time we stayed for a while and enjoyed the really good music of Tom Ashbridge, truly a one man band.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with some fun folks and enjoy the sights, sounds and entertainment at the Pasadena Rodeo BBQ Cook Off.

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IMG_6224.jpg IMG_6226.jpg IMG_6227.jpg IMG_6229.jpg
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IMG_6239.jpg IMG_6242.jpg IMG_6248.jpg IMG_6249.jpg
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