Miss Mothers Contest 08

photos by Dennis Hart & Paul Fjelsta

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Mother’s Speakeasy Beauty Contest – Clear Lake Area

The weather was perfect, the motorcycles were shiny and the girls entering the bathing suit contest were beautiful. What more could you ask for. Okay, I have to confess I’ve never judged a bathing suit contest before and the only reason I got the job was because Eddie had to go out of town for the weekend. I had a great time and Eddie is green with envy; like I said what more could you ask for?

The contest hosted by Mothers, offered some great cash prizes and lost of fun for the audience and the contestants. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we talked with Annette Nicholson, the owner; Megan Bowen, one of the contestants and Kenny Smith, long time emcee of beauty contests in the bay area.

The great music is by Michael Stevens who can be reached at 281-332-0841. Be sure to check out www.Mothers-Speakeasy.com

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