Knights of Momus Den Party
photography by Eddie Harper
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Krewe of Knights of Momus - Galveston

Between rows of floats, great music, food and fun, the Krewe of the Knights of Momus unveiled their floats for the 2008 Mardi Gras season. One of many social events, the den party was actually the first time that many of the krewe members have seen this year’s floats. Extravagant and elaborate are just a couple of the adjectives that could be used to describe these professionally decorated vehicles.

The Krewe of the Knights of Momus is Galveston’s oldest krewe and also an all male krewe. Although, it was revealed that the men get a lot of help from their ladies, in pulling things together.

Keeping in mind that Momus was the god of merriment, listen in as Johnny Listowski, Frank Dominguez and Larry Gillaspia give Talk of the Bay an insight to this very special krewe.

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