Grand Champion Mullet Toss 08

photos by Paul Fjelsta

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Grand Champion Mullet Toss – Galveston

From an underhand toss to a baseball fast pitch, mullets (artificial ones) were being tossed, heaved, lobed and bowled across the sand on East Beach. Partnered together with The New 93Q, the Galveston Island Convention and Visitors Bureau, hosted the very first Mullet Toss on Galveston beach.

Listen in as RoShelle Gaskins, PR Manager for the Galveston CVB, tells Talk of the Bay, how she has honed her skills at mullet chunking.

Proceeds will be donated to the Snowdrop Foundation, a nonprofit organization that assists families and patients of the Texas Children’s Hospital through the difficulties of surviving cancer. The foundation is named after the snowdrop flower that blooms in the spring up through the snow. It is a hearty flower that is nearly indestructible by nature, as is a cancer survivor’s attitude and strength to win. The Snowdrop Foundation also helps to fund research to eliminate cancer and scholarships for college bound patients and survivors.

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