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photography by Eddie Harper
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Off the Cuff and On Your Ear – Clear Lake Area

The Women that Wine hosted an extremely unique and successful event, Off the Cuff and On Your Ear. Guests mingled in the lobby drinking champagne while listening to Labella Cello’s, Della Grigsby.

Then the doors opened up to the ballroom at the South Shore Harbour. Completely redecorated as an elegant living area, the room was filled with beautifully decorated banquettes and gazebos, giving an air of cozy sophistication. While seated in comfort, guests participated in both the silent and live auctions. The silent auction offered different items collected from famous people and groups while the live auction offered catered dinners, airline tickets and wonderful dinners.

Listen in on Talk of the Bay, as Women Who Wine members, Johnette Norman and Bonnie Lem talk give us their reaction to this wonderful event and guests Phyllis and Mike Foster enjoy the comfortable elegance.

Congratulations ladies, for a very successful evening.

Proceeds from the event benefitted the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Music was provided by the Canal Street Café Jazz group.

For more information visit www.TheWomenWhoWineOfTexas.com

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