Earth Day Oleander Festival 08

photos by Paul Fjelsta
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Earth Day and Oleander Festival - Galveston

The ballroom at the Moody Gardens Hotel was filled with the great music of Sparky Koerner’s Band, the entertainment for the Southwester Hoedown and BBQ dinner for the International Oleander Society; a kickoff event for this weekend’s Oleander Festival being held at Moody Gardens.

Beautiful pieces of memorabilia were on display including a dress worn, in 1975, by Kewpie Guido. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we learn a little more about the society and their love for this beautiful flower.

Many thanks to Ruth An Anderson and her great line dancing instructions.

For information on the Earth Day and Oleander Festival call Moody Gardens at 800-582-4673.

For information regarding the International Oleander Society visit

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