Pet and Children's Parade

photos by Chiquita and Paul Fjelsta

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February 22 – Pet and Children’s Mardi Gras Parades - Galveston

The Krewe of Barkus and Meoux present the Mardi Gras Pet Parade. Not to be out done by their human counterparts, this mixture of dogs, cats, ferrets, miniature horses and even a turtle all prance, ride, and are carried down the seawall. And all of them are very busy showing off their Mardi Gras beads, costumes and spirit.

Following the Pet Parade is the Galveston Firefighters Children’s Parade. Fire Trucks, clowns, bicycles, floats and the Mummers marched down the Seawall. There tons of beads and candy thrown by kids, in the parade, to kids watching the parade. All with huge smiles on their faces.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay and we cover these two back to back parades; both delightful events and definitely a crowd pleasers.

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