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June 25 - Salute to Heroes V – League City

Respect and honor for our military personnel. With love and fond memories the Ray Joseph Hutchinson Foundation presents Salute to Heroes V.

Please join us for a unique opportunity to honor and remember those who serve, or have served, our great country! Build brand new scholarships in memory of one of our own courageous soldiers whose legacy moves forward with the Ray Joseph Hutchinson (RJH) Foundation! Fabulous door prize will be drawn at the event.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Deborah and Michael Hutchinson tell us about this year’s Salute to Heroes.

The reception will be held at South Shore Harbour Resort in the Crystal Ballroom. Business Attire, Cocktail Hors d' oeuvres and a Cash Bar

$25 per person for tickets purchased in advance $30 per person for tickets purchased at the door

For more information please visit or call Jenna O'Neal 281-332-7673, Cathy Cheatham 281-334-1000 ext: 2038 or Bette Specion 281-332-3961


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