Salute to Heroes 2007


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Salute to Heroes
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In an event that raised over $20,000 for the Ray Joseph Hutchison scholarship to benefit CCISD students, much of the business, political, military and education communities came together on July 12 in the Crystal Ballroom at South Shore Harbour Resort in League City. Hutchinson, a 2001 Clear Creek graduate, was killed in action on December 7, 2003.

From the lunch money collected in the Clear Creek High School cafeteria on December 8, 2003 to a stellar event at South Shore Harbour’s festive Crystal Ballroom, the Ray Joseph Hutchinson scholarship has grown beyond those who were there on day one’s wildest dreams. So far twelve scholarships totaling over $20,000 have been given to Creek students.

The scholarship began when the students in newspaper class went to collect money the day after Ray’s death. His teacher, Wynette Jameson, told Ray’s story and those students who remembered him skating around the journalism room in a yellow m&m suit with the ever-present camera he used as the newspaper’s head photographer took buckets to the cafeteria. After learning of Hutchinson’s death, Ms. Jameson knew something had to be done to keep the light that Ray brought into a room alive, she, her students and Karen Permetti, CCISD Director of Public Information decided to begin a scholarship in Ray’s name.

Michael and Deborah Hutchinson rewarded Jameson and Permetti at this year’s event with plaques for their continued effort on behalf of the scholarship. Lieutenant Colonel Troy Reeves (Army Recruiting Command in Houston) presented the honorary military coins to Wynette Jameson and Karen Permetti for their hard work and dedication.

This year’s Salute to Heroes 3 was the most successful ever. “It was a Most Special Evening. At a conservative count, more than $20,000 was raised for the Ray Joseph Hutchinson Foundation, benefiting CCISD area students,” said Ann Hacker of Black Rose Steel, sponsor and board member of the newly formed Ray Joseph Hutchinson Foundation

Corporate sponsorships, a raffle and both a silent and live auction were able to almost double the profits from last year. Jerry Shults, mayor of League City and Representative Larry Taylor were on hand to help with the auction and festivities. Sheriff Gean Leonard graciously acted as the auctioneer at the live auction. Home Town Bank of League City, Allen Samuels Chrysler-Jeep and Black Rose Steel were major sponsors. Roy Green, Cathy Alford and Matt Wev of South Shore Harbour Resort have been major planners and hosts of the event for three years.

For further information, check the website at  .
Phone Number: 281-750-0068
Michael Hutchinson:

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