Salute to Heroes IV 08


photos by Eddie Harper

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Salute to Heroes – League City

From the U.S. Army Honor Guard to the rowdy bidding during the live auction, this event was truly a Salute To Heroes. This event recognized those men and women who served in the military. It was tear jerking, heart warming and knee slapping throughout the evening.

Please listen in to Talk of the Bay as Michael and Deborah Hutchinson tell their stories about their son, Ray Joseph.

Many thanks to Ann Hacker, of Black Rose Steel; Roy Green, Cathy Cheatham and Matt Wev, of South Shore Harbour Resort, and John Ennis of BAMS for everything they did to make this event not only happen but to make it memorable.

If you want to know how it feels to honor heroes you will put this event on your calendar for 2009.

Thanks to Jill's Fashions for dressing up Chiquita and Sondra


A Letter of Appreciation from the Salute to Heroes Committee – League City

Have you ever wanted to be part of doing something wonderful for someone else? Joining the growing numbers of amazing people who come together at the annual Salute to Heroes at South Shore Harbour Resort can be one of the best things you do each year in July! Thanking a soldier, airman, sailor, or corpsman is such a privilege! read on...

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IMG_3290.jpg IMG_3291.jpg IMG_3292.jpg IMG_3293.jpg
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