Seabrook Men Who Cook 08
photos by Paul Fjelsta
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Seabrook Men Who Cook, Lakewood Yacht Club  -  Clear Lake Area

Music, celebrity chefs, more music and more chefs, the Lakewood Yacht Club was full of fun,  great food, a little of the adult beverages and LOTS of dancing.  Hundreds of bay area folks came out to the yacht club in support of the Seabrook Police Officers Association and to have some fun. 

Krista Sereni, of Claudio’s had the crowd, in the dining area, charmed with her rendition of Embraceable You and Pee Wee Bowen and his band had their crowd, in the ballroom, dancing the night away.  It was like getting two great evenings of fun rolled up into one. 

Listen in as some of the veteran chefs talk about their dishes and co-coordinators, Cheri Smith and Janet Southard, give Talk of the Bay their reaction to the evening. 

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