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May 15 – The Strawberry Festival on Friday – Pasadena

Like some of the other events that we’ve been to recently the Strawberry Festival had so many things going on that it’s hard to enjoy it all in one day. So listen in to Talk of the Bay as Eddie and I visit with folks out at the festival on Friday.

Editor’s Note: One of the things that we enjoy most is finding new local talent. We are always on the lookout for people that capture our attention. Friday night, while visiting the Caribbean Cookers, we heard and met a young lady named Julianne McBride, along with her parents Lisa and Todd. Julianne is 11 years old and what a voice! Listen in as Julianne belts out Respect. And congratulations to Julianne for winning the Strawberry Idol contest on Saturday.

Thanks to all of the artists, we loved your performances.

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IMG_2498.jpg IMG_2501.jpg IMG_2506.jpg IMG_2508.jpg
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IMG_8274.jpg IMG_8275.jpg IMG_8276.jpg IMG_8277.jpg
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IMG_8278.jpg IMG_8279.jpg IMG_8280.jpg IMG_8282.jpg
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IMG_8294.jpg IMG_8296.jpg IMG_8297.jpg IMG_8298.jpg
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IMG_8300.jpg IMG_8301.jpg IMG_8302.jpg IMG_8304.jpg
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IMG_8307.jpg IMG_8310.jpg IMG_8311.jpg IMG_8312.jpg
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IMG_8321 IMG_8322 IMG_8323 IMG_8325
IMG_8321.jpg IMG_8322.jpg IMG_8323.jpg IMG_8325.jpg
IMG_8327 IMG_8328 IMG_8329 IMG_8330
IMG_8327.jpg IMG_8328.jpg IMG_8329.jpg IMG_8330.jpg
IMG_8331 IMG_8334 IMG_8335 IMG_8336
IMG_8331.jpg IMG_8334.jpg IMG_8335.jpg IMG_8336.jpg
IMG_8337 IMG_8338 IMG_8339 IMG_8340
IMG_8337.jpg IMG_8338.jpg IMG_8339.jpg IMG_8340.jpg
IMG_8343 IMG_8344 IMG_8345 IMG_8347
IMG_8343.jpg IMG_8344.jpg IMG_8345.jpg IMG_8347.jpg
IMG_8348 IMG_8349 IMG_8350 IMG_8351
IMG_8348.jpg IMG_8349.jpg IMG_8350.jpg IMG_8351.jpg
IMG_8353 IMG_8354 IMG_8355 IMG_8356
IMG_8353.jpg IMG_8354.jpg IMG_8355.jpg IMG_8356.jpg
IMG_8357 IMG_8358 IMG_8359 IMG_8360
IMG_8357.jpg IMG_8358.jpg IMG_8359.jpg IMG_8360.jpg
IMG_8361 IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8364
IMG_8361.jpg IMG_8362.jpg IMG_8363.jpg IMG_8364.jpg
IMG_8365 IMG_8366 IMG_8367 IMG_8368
IMG_8365.jpg IMG_8366.jpg IMG_8367.jpg IMG_8368.jpg
IMG_8369 IMG_8370 IMG_8371 IMG_8372
IMG_8369.jpg IMG_8370.jpg IMG_8371.jpg IMG_8372.jpg
IMG_8373 IMG_8374 IMG_8375 IMG_8378
IMG_8373.jpg IMG_8374.jpg IMG_8375.jpg IMG_8378.jpg
IMG_8379 IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8382
IMG_8379.jpg IMG_8380.jpg IMG_8381.jpg IMG_8382.jpg
IMG_8384 IMG_8385 IMG_8386 IMG_8387
IMG_8384.jpg IMG_8385.jpg IMG_8386.jpg IMG_8387.jpg
IMG_8388 IMG_8389 IMG_8390 IMG_8391
IMG_8388.jpg IMG_8389.jpg IMG_8390.jpg IMG_8391.jpg
IMG_8392 IMG_8393 IMG_8394 IMG_8398
IMG_8392.jpg IMG_8393.jpg IMG_8394.jpg IMG_8398.jpg
IMG_8399 IMG_8400 IMG_8401 IMG_8402
IMG_8399.jpg IMG_8400.jpg IMG_8401.jpg IMG_8402.jpg
IMG_8403 IMG_8404 IMG_8405 IMG_8406
IMG_8403.jpg IMG_8404.jpg IMG_8405.jpg IMG_8406.jpg
IMG_8407 IMG_8408 IMG_8409 IMG_8410
IMG_8407.jpg IMG_8408.jpg IMG_8409.jpg IMG_8410.jpg
IMG_8411 IMG_8412 IMG_8413 IMG_8414
IMG_8411.jpg IMG_8412.jpg IMG_8413.jpg IMG_8414.jpg
IMG_8415 IMG_8416 IMG_8417 IMG_8418
IMG_8415.jpg IMG_8416.jpg IMG_8417.jpg IMG_8418.jpg
IMG_8419 IMG_8420 IMG_8421 IMG_8422
IMG_8419.jpg IMG_8420.jpg IMG_8421.jpg IMG_8422.jpg
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